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 Fille avec baloon

We discover the origins of the way humans think

We conduct studies on children from their birth and up to their three on various topics such as the implementation of language, mathematics or laterality.


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Following the creation of the new university and the new INCC, please find the new version of the Babylab's website

Selected research projects

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For prosody to be helpful to learn grammar, infants need to process it early in development. When do infants first show sensitivity to prosody and how do they use it to learn grammar? Infants encounter speech prosody in utero. Fetuses already learn from this information, as newborns show differential activation to prosodic patterns found in the language(s) heard during pregnancy and can use prosodic information to process accelerated speech.
Our everyday visual environment is predictable even if particular aspects may vary from one situation to another. Mental schemes of scenes are built in an interaction with our visual environment and these schemas help us to extract very quickly the global meaning of a particular scene, i.e. the so-called gist.

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